Gammelnok in Andalucia - Chapter 3: The Magic of Level 6  
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"This garden is bigger and more complicated than anything I have ever come across before," Gammelnok thought to himself as he continued his explorations.
"Everywhere you go there are steps or walls to be negotiated, and with my short legs that's quite a tall order." He was getting quite familiar with the layout of the 4 top Levels, but there were still the 3 bottom Levels to explore.

One night as he was making his way up to Level 6 and Pond no 1, singing a ditty to himself, he came across a small gathering by the waterside.

"Halt! Who goes there! Give me your Password," a voice demanded.

"I don't give my Password to nobody. That's dumb," growled Gammelnok.

"Correct," said the stranger. "Do come in, we could use a bit of help here. You have heard of the latest directive from Herr ZigZag, the Great Controller?"

"No, I have not!" Gammelnok was still upset at having been challenged on what he by now considered to be his patch. "Who are you anyway? You all look different. How come you can get on together?" He was looking around the small gathering, and was surprised to see Mr P talking to Atilla The Hen who lived two gardens down, while Ping and Pong, the collared doves, where deep in conversation with Obvious the Fox.

"Let me explain. My name is Scraggy." Black as the night, apart from some bright grey patches on his wings, Scraggy the Raven hopped over to Gammelnok.

"Its all because of the Magic of Level 6. This is the only place in the world that I know of, where we can be together without killing each other.
Anyway, I fly my patrols every day, to make sure everything is OK in our part of the world. Yesterweek I was blown quite some way eastwards, and I noticed that in many gardens the territories had disappeared.
Yesterday I happened by chance to be patrolling that way again, and the borderless area had grown bigger. I didn't think much of it until today, when The Messenger arrived from Herr ZigZag. 'All Animals Must Share Each Others Territory. This Must Happen No Later Then YearChange. All Will Benefit. We Will Be One Big Happy Family, Yes.'"

"Can you imagine what that will do to our territories and to the Magic of Level 6?" Scraggy continued, quite hoarse now from so much talking.

"You will have to get some more input from the rest of the Animals," suggested Gammelnok, "but how do you notify them, if you can't get close enough to tell them without hunting them down?"

"That's easy," Mr P chipped in. "We talk quietly to sharp corners on anything up here, like that chair leg over there, or that porch over by the wooden GreenHouse, and anyone walking past will get the message. The messages don't last well in sunlight, so they will have to be renewed quite often, but as I am up here a lot in the daytime, I can easily do that."

"So, when will we meet again," Gammelnok felt another ditty coming on, but contained himself. This was serious stuff after all.

"Saint Hans Night, when else," they all shouted. - "That's three nights from tonight, and its obvious, it will coincide with a White Moon." Obvious had joined them now. "Most animals will be here anyway, so Mr P won't have to talk to too many sharp corners". He was good at organising, and with his reddish coat and bushy tail, cut quite an impressive figure. "Scraggy, can you get Woody RedSpot to send a coded message from his hollow tree?"

"If he hasn't got a headache. He has been overdoing it a bit lately," Scraggy replied.

"That's settled then," Obvious said "Now lets get out of here, I am getting hungry. Atilla and you two first, give you a head start," pointing a paw at Ping and Pong.

Within a few minutes Gammelnok was on his own, apart from Mr P who was busy talking quietly to a chair leg.

"Smørrebrød!" thought Gammelnok "What is going on here, what have I got myself into?"

The nights were very short by now, as Midsummer and Saint Hans Night neared and the time available for exploration was limited. Gammelnok therefore made his way back down to Level 5 and his spot by Pond no 4. "Time for a nice long snooze in the sunshine," he thought as he lay on his belly, trying to make his legs reach the next step below. He finally made it down, and strolled towards his chair.

PigPig was nowhere in sight, which was just as well. Gammelnok thought him a bit prickly, always moaning and pining for a mate.

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