Gammelnok in Andalucia - Chapter 1: Gammelnok arrives at StepSixtySix  
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It all really started some time ago, when George the First (GT1), - we call him that, because later we found out that a neighbour on the other side, was also called George, so he became George the Second - was invited to Hans's 40th birthday in London.

When we discovered that GT1 also had a birthday every year, and that he had just celebrated his 70th, it was decided that 5 years down the road, we would meet again and celebrate the event.

A long time in the planning, the day was chosen and invitations went out to all corners of the world, to celebrate 120 years of good living.

The day finally came, and that is when Gammelnok arrived...

He came disguised in a black rubbish bag, and had apparently persuaded a couple from Italy to smuggle him in.

We did not think much of it then, because he just looked like another birthday present, so he was left on the gift table on the third lawn, while we carried on roasting pigs on the patio.

Now you might think, that roasting pigs on patios is easy... but think again!

First you need a patio, bricks from an old shed, a coat-stand, a water pipe, a drill, a pram-wheel, 2 old apple trees and various other bits and pieces.

Then you need someone who can put all that together in a sensible way - enter GT1 !!

Anyway, the party went well and all the guests went as well, but Gammelnok stayed behind. - we put him up by pond number 4 on the fifth level of our garden, by StepSixtySix, thinking that he would look nice as a gnome with a fishing rod. And so he did... During the day.....!!

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