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Avellano in Andalucia - Gammelnoks Home Page
Gammelnok was our concrete garden gnome.

I (Hans) had the idea of becoming a successful writer of childrens books,
using Gammelnok as the main hero and the animals we saw regularly in our garden
at StepSixtySix as minor charachters in the stories.

Like so many of my ideas, this one was aborted along with so many others over the years.

I still like the stories I wrote though and have included them here to remind myself of
what could have been.

Hopefully you will enjoy them as well, and have a giggle along the way.

And of course, you never know, maybe one day....

To see all of
friends and foes
click here:
Pedro waiting for a bird
  Chapter 1: Gammelnok arrives at StepSixtySix
Chapter 2: Enter the Squirrels
Chapter 3: The Magic of Level 6
Chapter 4: Saint Hans Night
Chapter 5: The Mystery of Crop Circles
Chapter 6: Harvest Time

This is Gammelnok

Gammelnok himself

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