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Avellano in Andalucia - About us
From our diary page you can follow our doubts, dreams, deliberations and decisions from the day we decided to move to Spain and an account of how we are doing.

But first here is a little bit of background.

Hans moved to England in 1975 after living in Denmark as a chef in various restaurants and the Danish merchant navy.

Hazel, was born in Bristol to a German mother and a Scottish father spent some time in Berlin before marrying Hans in 1976.

We were happy in Britain, improving our situation by moving up the property ladder, blowing the equity on a catering business, moving up again and blowing it once more, some people just never learn.

In 1986 we moved to StepSixtySix in Reading which was our last house in England and also the home of Gammelnok.

Hazel held various positions in IT working for American companies and finally as a quality manager for an international insurance and finance broker.

Hans drifted from catering into IT and ended up working for an international engineering company.

Fast forward to 2004.

Hazel was made redundant and retrained herself as a web designer with 2 sites under her belt.

Hans spent the last 4 years seconded to the national rail industry as a consultant.

That's the background, and things might have continued that way, had it not been for a holiday in Spain.

Having travelled extensively in Spain over many years, we liked the country but disliked the way the costa was being over developed.
For that reason we gave Spain a miss for a few years until June 2004.

The rest was in the diary which our ISP ALENTUS no longer supports - Sorry...
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